How To Unlock And Customize PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings On Android

We are currently in the world of two battle royale games, covering PUBG and Fortnite titles right now. Thus, it just goes to show what an impact on the mobile gaming world both shooters is having right now. Just recently, a day before we are in touch with the long-awaited version of PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 Global English on iOS and Android, but there are other things to make a note off.

While Fortnite does not yet have an Android version available for people to play, the same does not apply to PUBG Mobile, which is one of the best news to consider for those carrying Android devices.

Being Android user, there are also a few things to remember, first and foremost is the fact that other apps can interact with PUBG Mobile, again, in ways they would not be able to on iOS. That’s what makes sense of Graphics Tool for PUBG Mobile possible, and it’s quite well worth checking out.

As the minimal suggestion, Graphics Tool for PUBG Mobile takes the standard PUBG Mobile game on Android devices and gives users a fine control over how it looks. With that app installed, users can not only choose at which resolution the game runs but also other settings such as the frame-per-second (FPS) it will run at and whether shadows are enabled or disabled.

There are other great options in there too, all focused and aimed at giving gamers a fine-tuned control over how the game looks and behaves on their device.

According to the app’s developer, Graphic Tool PUBG should work just refined on any device, although if things are not acting quite as they should, then clicking the Repair button in-game before relaunching it should see Graphics Tool for PUBG start to work as intended and admirable.

Note: This is one app that would never be allowed into the App Store and if you’re an Android user, now is the time to adore it over all of your iPhone-owning friends. Graphics Tool for PUBG is a free download and it can be had from the Google Play Store right now.

(Download: Graphics Tool for PUBG on Play Store)

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