Admit This: 6.1-Inch 2018 iPhone To Come In New Colors, But Not Red [Report]

Initial reports from Ming-Chi Kuo regarding new external color options of Apple’s 2018 6.1-inch LCD iPhone admitted the fact. Following on that factor, Japanese website Macotakara is now corroborating the claims that Apple is looking to mix things up a little more where iPhone is very much concerned.

Noted Apple analyst suggests that 6-1-inch LCD iPhone may not be available until October due to issues with “LED backlight leakage.” If Apple’s new 2018 OLED iPhone models are anything fashion-conscious and those who want a “high-end” profile, then the 6.1-inch LCD variant will appeal to the laid back individual who has a sense of individuality.

When we speak about the colors of the rumored 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, it’s somewhat difficult to stand out from the crowd with your gorgeous new iPhone model of the finish on the device is white or black. Now, as the announcement date of the range approaches, we have two sources suggesting that Apple is looking forward to vamp up the 2018 LCD iPhone model.

According to the report, Apple’s cheaper 2018 iPhone variant will come in six different color fragrance for potential consumers to choose from, Those colors are White, Black, Bright Orange, Flash Yellow, Electric Blue, and a final Taupe color for those who prefer to announce their personality with a dark brown colored device.

The analyst Kuo had already predicted that a new array of colors for the same device but he had also suggested that this change would include a stunning red version. But, for now, this looked anything like Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED versions then it would undeniably be visually stunning.

However, the Japanese source report makes a different suggestion, no exact mention of a red finish hitting the market with the new LCD device.

Rumors, although claims Apple is looking to once again target the younger generation with handing new colors with a unique sense of style by releasing iPhone 5c to the market, finished with an array of external colors, earlier. This same approach was hit and miss with consumers and is likely largely down to the fact that the device itself was very much fun as a lower-end cheap version of iPhone 5/5s and came with a plastic makeover. As a company, Apple will be hoping to have a lot more success with this year’s LCD model.

Admit the fact! What say you? Are you interested in buying the most expensive high-end 2018 iPhone model which is speculated to come with a Gold finish – or would you prefer the new colors to give the cheaper LCD iPhone a run?

(Source: Macotakara)

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