Adobe Scan Can Artificially Scan Business Cards, Converts Them Into Contacts

Did you that of you who still find yourself being given the odd business card or three, then you’re pleased to know that Adobe Scan, the company’s document scanning app has received an update which adds the ability to capture them and intelligently turn them into in-device contacts.

According to Adobe, the new feature is made possible thanks to AI enhancements afforded by the company’s Sensei machine learning platform. Adobe Scan now recognizes a business card once it is placed in front of a phone’s camera, followed by a Save Contact button which allows the user to suck the card’s data right into their on-device contacts list for use later.

Adobe Scan app creates searchable, editable PDFs for free

Thanks to Sensei’s machine learning initiative, as soon as Adobe Scan recognizes cards and convert it into contact, that data includes the person’s name, company, email address, and phone number as well as an image that is found on the business card. Not exactly how TrueCaller app works, but it’s a different technology integrated into Adobe Scan.

With the new Sensei machine learning live now, it also means that the app can take the business card’s scanned image and then work to correct any shadows or distortion that may be in place and it even goes so far as to remove any fingers that may have been captured when the image was taken.

The Photoshop company has announced the updated Adobe Scan app alongside new PDF creation tools specifically for use with Microsoft Office 365. The new shortcuts allow users of Office apps to convert documents to PDF and back right from the ribbon of whichever app they are using.

Are you in a business of receiving business cards? Well, the Adobe Scan app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store right immediately, and now, it is available for free, too.

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