Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Lets You Offline Viewing, Download Movies / TV Shows On iOS, Android

Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video had today made a big leap in its war with Hulu, Netflix after begenning to allow both iOS and Android users to view any downloaded movies and TV shows to their devices for offline viewing. Before this upgrade, streaming was only way to experience content via Amazon Prime online. Now that without an Internet connection, Amazon lets you view them offline, once you download films and TV episodes.


Members with iOS and Android running devices can watch content even when they don’t have an internet access, means that Amazon Prime now has a very real, marketable advantage over the likes of Netflix which doesn’t yet allow the offline saving of content for later playback.

Before we speak about Amazon Prime’s offline viewing service, we have to clarify that this won’t be a big deal from the US based e-commerce website, while the users definitely need to watch content offline, but have you noted that if you want to do so, you’ll first of all need to have an already downloaded movie or TV show, and when doing that think about how much it costs, making it through an internet connection that too on your smartphones or tablets. It’s just a tip, and don’t mind for this conclusion.

Owners of Amazon Fire tablets and smartphones have already been saving movies and TV shows, as the Amazon made it live for offline viewing, but this move to bring the same feature to iOS and Android maens that a much longer portion of Amazon Prime’s user base can now take advantage of a feature that can be a massive deal to some people. Imagine being on a long flight and being able to watch a series of a TV episode without having to pay a single penney for the airlines’s expensive WiFi access, for instance. Sounds great right?

The downside always resides inside and with Amazon Prime offline viewing is that not all content is available for that, suggesting that the old licensing issue is once again raising its head above the parapet. However, not all content will be available right away, that doesn’t mean that Amazon won’t be able to twist the arm of media companies in the future, and with Amazon now making more of its own content, the problem will no boubt become smaller as the prime processes anyway. Still it’s worth checking out for that which you really want is actually available for offline videing.


Amazon Prime membership costs $99 per year and it includes faster shipping from too, making it quite beneficial value if you’re a frequent Amazon customer, though. An updated Amazon Video app now extends this to non-Amazon branded gadgets.

Update x1: Amazon’s move comes as thousands of movies become unavailable on Netflix after it did not renew a deal with distributor Epix.

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