Classic Nokia Snake Game Coming Back To iOS, Android, Windows Phone This Month As ‘Snake Rewind’

Remember that most popular retro mobile game called ‘Snake‘ which came preloaded on old Nokia devices? The title is finally getting a complete makeover and returning back in a new avatar for the advanced smartphone platforms, as ‘Snake Rewind‘.

Way back on the mobile phone and white Nokia screen with the iconic Snake game was a part of almost every kids like. Eighteen years later, the Snake Rewind is now way affiliated with Nokia – directly at least – with the title being developed by game developers Rumilus Design and Taneli Armanto, where he has been associated with Nokia in the past as an engineer, and was responsible for preloading the original Snake onto the Nokia 6110 back in 1997. Hours of feeding the little snake fruits, only to finally make it long enough that it frustratingly eats its own tail, this slithering snake that needed to be guided to certain pixels with the help of physical keypad while avoiding ramming into its won lengthening body as you move, has literally been the Candy Crush of its era.


Still in the works, the developers have spilled the beans on what the game has to offer for the new generation of mobile video games. With the title in line introduced some exiting power-ups and other tricks to move away from the original experience that sounds rather dull now, as gamers gather fruits or points that will be used for purchasing some snake upgrades. Newer version of the addictive Snake game comes with numerous iterations. Nevertheless, has visual effects, sounds and new innovative goals. Power-ups like Fruit Magnet, Trailblazer, and the Score Multiplier. Developers are also throwing in the ability to rewind the gameplay incase your snake hits the wall of itself. Details other than this remains unclear,but with the developers saying, this Snake Rewind gets new themes and special effects that will also be included to give it a more modern feel.


Guiding the snake with a physical keypad has a distinct feel to it, and it will be interesting to see the set of controls Snake Rewind provides for gamers in the touch-screen era. On May 14, Snake Rewind game has been slated to release and will be available on all three futuristic mobile based platforms; Android , iOS, and Windows Phone. No word on whether the game, once released, will bee freeware or carry a price tag for the effort being put in by the developers for this complete reboot of an old classic.


The creator also embedded in-app purchases from a place called the ‘fruit store’, from where you can buy boosters and other things to go way ahead in the new game. Additionally, you can even compete with others on the internet to add more competition, challenging. In 2005, talking about Snake, Armanto said that, “When we created Snake for the Nokia 6110 in 1997, we wanted to give people an entertaining experience, but we never imagined that it would become the classic mobile game.”

Whether Snake Rewind experiences in the same fate or not, is something time will tell. Stay tuned to feed your snake on May 14th.

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