Facebook Tests In-App Search Engine To Rival Google Apps Search and Ads Revenue

Reportedly surfaced that Facebook is on test drive to acquire all the Google’s search traffic with its internal search engine for its mobile app. Get more posting links, as Facebook testing its in-house app keyword search engine that lets user find websites and content to add to your status updates. More details on why skip googling with Facebook’s new “Add a new Link” Mobile status search engine means, right after this breaking.

Facebook is said to be testing in app search engine
Without having to visit Google, Facebook’s new in-app search engine allows users to post links in a status update, and some US users of the Facebook app will see an “add a link” option next to buttons to add photos or a location to a status post. Great!

Google is somewhat busy in developing and updating Panda, Mobile search, and Penguine updates and which in result, we will be accustomed soon to be honored with Facebook’s in-app search engine. When a user will type in a search term and then a drop down list of links will appear, then will be able to preview what is on that website and then share the link on the social networking site eventually. Apart from buttons to add photos or locations, some iOS users are seeing a new “Add A Link” option. Punch in a query, and Facebook will indeed show a list of matching results which you might want to share, allowing you to look up, and tap one to add it to your status with a caption or share statement.

Results, however seem to be stored by what users are most likely to share, highlighting recently published sites that have been posted by lots of people worldwide.

We’re piloting a new way to add a link that’s been shared on Facebook to your posts and comments,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch on Sunday.

Now that Google under pressure?

Facebook has already indexed one trillion posts that have been shared on users’ feeds. Using this in-app search engine, you can be able to suggest the most shared links. Data will apparently allow Facebook to steal a march on Goohle, experts warn.

Google worried about advertising? According to analysts, given the stiff competition for mobile ad dollars. Believe it or not, If you look at Facebook’s progress over the last few years, the real growth has been in its mobile advertising revenue. Which means that Facebook’s mobile advertising growth will put pressure on Google adwards, and anything which keeps people inside Facebool with an experience means that you don’t need Google would put pressure on Google. Over 70 percent of facebook’s total advertisong revenue comes directly from mobile search results and the company has been working hard to keep people in the app for longer. Clever, isn’t it!

The Facebook’s new program would launch pretty soon, and might give publishers 100% of ad revenue if they sell what’s shown next to the articles. If Facebook sells the ads, it might get 30% of a whole. Also said that Facebook was in talk with news publishers to host content on the social networking site rather than linking back to the publisher’s website. The aim would be to share ad revenues.

What do you think about Facebook’s new in-app search engine for Mobile apps? If talking about revenue of 100 percent from that, I am In.

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