Flipkart Caught Fooling Customers Online With Fake Discounts, Here’s How – Revealed

Directly coming to the point and that is a photo posted to Facebook shows sandals selling on the site for Rs 399, cut down from Rs 799 and what surspring here is that the shoe already have printed 399 as you can see through this photograph. This isn’t the first time, and I was first booked an iPhone 4 case cover for a mere INR 350, and didn’t get an idea on how much it actually costs outside, and my friend bought the same offline on mobile shop at a mere Rs 150. This is what you and other online users are fooled by e-commerce websites all over the world, in the place by offering a discounts sale. Pitty you, customers are the only ones who develops your website and this type of misstating item’s original price to appear to give discounts is not fair anymore.

Before you visit such e-commerce websites online kep an eye on how and why online shopping sites offer such huge discounts. Answer is here and it’s your turn to list your choice and decide yourself. There are good and bad in online selling, either it could be a product, TV, AC, Mobile, or any other item listed on it. Good is you can order it right sitting in front of a computer or book it online while on the go. And the bad is you won’t have given any idea of how much the item actually costs outside and you are pretty interested in purchasing products online without knwoing anything about its actual and retail price outside.


“A photo posted on Flipkart’s Facebook page by Kolkata-based Mani Sankar Sen shows a pair of wedges that is selling on the website for Rs 399, down from their original price of Rs 799. If you look at the product’s image on the listing closer, it shows that the pair of wedges were originally priced at Rs 399 only by the manufacturer. Effectively making the 50% discount a complete nonsense, shame on it.

Here’s what Sen wrote while posting the image on Flipkart’s Facebook page:


Dear Flipkart Team… Whenever we think of online shopping, we definitely check your site first for the product availability. You have built huge brand value in India. But these incidents damage customers’ trust factor, as well as your brand value. Please see the picture attached…

In response, Flipkart said: “Sorry about this Mani. Checking on this… will have this rectified at the earliest.”

However, the poster boy of Indian e-commerce received a lot of flak from users, who wrote comments like:

Yash Chaudhari: What more we can expect from #Flipkart, due to this they are #Giant in Indian eCommerce business.

Shivakiran Boppana: What will u rectify… will you now add 799 tag to this….. LOL

Amit Sharma: This is not about One product many product are listed like this, even same product with different MRPs and selling price

Interestingly, one Facebook user posted in comments:

All they did now is they Photoshopped the image and removed the MRP, while keeping the same 50% off ‘fake’ offer.

Finally what? The product listing page has since been removed by Flipkart from its website.

What do you think about a picture of a sandal has been going viral and had been posted by one Mani Shankar sen on Flipkart’s official facebook page. Share it!

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