Registrations For Google I/O 2016 Begins March 8th, Here’s Everything Detailed

Big developer conference of Google’s aptly named I/O, is set to kick-off on March 18th and the serach giant has now launched a new, dedicated website that not only features a hand-full of countdown timer for those that don’t have access to their own calendar, but will also be the place where to go stake your claim for a ticket when registration page goes live on March 8th. The Google I/O could see a new iteration of Android N 7.0 and brand new Nexus hardware.

Although here we are where we got something, Android N UI screenshots surfaced, giving us a glimpse of upcoming 7.0 mobile operating system. As has now become the norm, those looking to get their Google I/O on will have to put their name forward between 8th and 10th in order to stand a chance of getting tickets. Those who sign up and give Google their payment details will be entered into a raffle with the winners charged $900, or $300 for an academic ticket.

Unfortunate that, enterance will only be opened to buy one ticket if they are chosen via the raffle, meaning that everyone wanting to attend the conference will need to join in the fun if they want to get their golden ticket. Those who do win and later change their minds will be able to request a refund up until April 29th, however, if so that extra tickets may become available arund the time once people realize that they can’t get a hold on a hotel room or that $900 is a lot of money even if Google gives away free stuff.

Regardless, those attendies who do have access to this year’s Google I/O will do so at the Shoreline Amphitheater at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View. All the big announcements will be live-streamed for everyone to watch around the world, so it’s not a whole that bad if you don’t get to attend in person. Expect that, you won’t get a free stuff, unfortunately.

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New details surfaced regarding the yet-unannounced Android 7.0 N operating system. Screenshots shows up some created mockups based on experience. Notifications are now easier to read on Android N and have less seperation between them. Looks more clear as the App icons seems to be much stable this time. Coloured text options are also available, alongside the about information and app produced it. New bar for quick settings toggles, which waren’t found before are also discovered and serveral OEMs have had this for years, and Google always had a seperate panel for Quick Settings, which has now been put on top priority with a single pull itself. Users can pull further to gain access to the full settings list pretty quickly.

The second pull on the Android N’s notification bar will reveal the full set of quick settings with a clean sliding animation. There’s expandable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options missing out, could bring it back later on. The edit button also indicates to the approval of UI Tuner option. Additionally, you can have another page for the settings so that stuff you accessing less frequently can be moved to that page.

Thanks to Android Police for these Android N Ui mockups, which could change as the time being, a lot before the official Android N gets introducede at this year’s Google I/O developer conference.


You can visit the official Google I/O 2016 page over at

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