Halo Back Is A Screen Protector For iPhone, Adds Back Button To Your Phone [Video]

Kickstarter Projects are innevitable and essential when we speak about this new one, Halo Back screen protector. Dubbed the “World’s First Smart Screen Protector” for iPhone , integrated with a back button, which can be easily reached with your thumb on your iPhone. Details on such initiative can be checked after this jump.


How Halo Back helps you get rid of coming back to the home screen on your iPhone, and what to do if you really need that functions. First of all, to enable it, a circuit layer is added to a traditional glass screen protector, which helps you lead current when you press lower left corner of the screen, resulting in a press of the back button at the top left.


Halo Back has already been successfully funded on KickStarter and although delivers to customers who are expected in August. And about it, the description says, “Halo Back is the first smart screen protector in the world. The invisible back button let your iPhone go back easily. With this little magic, you can operate your phone with a single hand.”

You still got 18 days left, for your pledge $17 to get one of the first ones. Available for both the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus on hands. Read more here!

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