iPhone Users: Samsung Offering You To Try Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ And Galaxy S6 Edge For $1

It’s all about Samsung which is givingaway iPhone users 30-Day Trial With Galaxy Phones for $1 in Promotion. Now, in an effort to get its Galaxy smartphones into the hands of as many users as possible – in particular owners of Apple’s iPhone – Samsung has announced its “Ultimate Test Drive” program where consumers can try Galaxy smartphone for just a dollar.


Only $1 it costs, if you test drive Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ and S6 Edge and the offering from Samsung to potential iPhone owners for a thirty-day period with tiny little fiduciary outlay. As part of this promotion, Samsung will be issuing hose who sign-up, with a “test drive kit”. Kit, that comes complete with the Samsung smartphone of choice out of three Galaxy series, an already activated SIM card to make the entire process easier, and a step-by-step guide that will aim to get users up and running as quick as possible with the new era of Android powered Samsung gadget.

Samsung looks like being very particular about the type of users it wants taking part in the test drive program, where the SK company wants to target owners of the Apple iPhone and is clearly unrepentant about telling this to the world. How? When visiting the exclusive Samsung Promotions website from a desktop browser, you being an iPhone users selecting the “Start Test Drive” option, Samsung thereby displays a message that basically says it wants you to visit the website and sign up directly from your iPhone.

Thank you for your interest in the Samsung Ultimate Test Drive! Our program gives iPhone users the opportunity to learn more about our latest Galaxy phones. Due to the design of the program, we request that you enroll from your iPhone device to receive your Test Drive phone.


For those interested in the program it couldn’t really be any simplier. Visit promo.samsungpromotions.com/ultimatetestdrive from your iPhone, select the Galaxy smartphone of choice, and test drive it for thirty-days. If you admit its ultimate, then you can purchase or upgrade to it, making the switch from Apple to Samsung diversion. On offer are the latest Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy S6 Edge.


Idea is greatly created by Samsung in a move to get its phones into as many hands as possible, but it remains to be seen if there will acyually be any long-term adoption in the upcoming days.

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