Meet Light Phone Only Costs $100, The Anti-Smartphone [Video]

This Light Phone is especially designed to be used as little as possible, which is a discreet credit card sized anti-smartphone by Light. Phone that is the opposite of every other phone in existance, its thin, light, lasts 20 days of a charge, and legitimately does nothing but can make calls and answers as well. More details on the Light Phone pricing and specifications can be grabbed after this jump.


Stop carrying a smartphone with us, where Light Phone comes in. A Kicxkstarter project that will cost backers $100 and is so close to beinmg successfully funded that everyone can taste it, the Light Phone concept is one based around the fact that we all have smartphones hands-on that are talking over our lives. What better way to stop having our smartphones on us all the time and instead carry something a little tiny…less smart. The goal, ultimately, is to use the phone as little as possible. Think it!

The credit-card size Light Phone does one thing and one thing only – make telephone calls. There are no apps, no app stores to download apps, and no Web browser to keep you entertained to steam your attention away from what is going on. Only thing and limited is that, if someone calls you then you will know about it, but that’s probably a good thing, after all.


What does this Light Phone do? Nothing. You put in a SIM card, press a few buttons, and start making phone calls. No NFC or Games are available to play with, but it has a quick dial option, which is pretty nice, and it doubles as a flashlight. Battery power lasts for 20 days on a single charge, which the company claims.


The theory behind the Light Phone is that it can work in tandem with your smartphone rather than replace it. To that end it accepts forward calls from your iPhone or Android device, which by far means that those of us tied up to our smartphones won’t have to give them up completely.

Best part of the Light Phone is better suited for those who don’t want to be disturbed, allowing users to be reachable but on their terms. That’s something which can’t be stopped and is hard to achieve, even with the current drop of wearable that claim to give us some of our lives back. Calling!


It include 500 minutes of pre-paid talk time and it charges via USB but they really want you to pull it out, make a call, and put it back. Plan on shipping in May 2016, which is far away waiting for something that is supposed to bring you back into self-awareness, but them the breaks.

The Light Phone is almost funded and still has over a month to run. Could Kickstarter will be successful is a doubt at this point, and if you want to get in for $100, now is the perfect time to do it, grab one.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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