Meet The Magical Selfie Camera Drone ‘Lily’ Flies Like A Bird But Puts Eye On You

Introducing the Lily Camera. Drones these days are becoming wired and not only seen at the stadiums, but also at concerts and fashion shows, used drones like James Bond following us and flies like a bird on its own if you just toss it in the air. Meet Lily Drone, which can be fired up in the air just about anywhere and then the drone, so it called it and imagined like a bird would not only rise up in the air but nevertheless, follows wherever you go and click your photographs.


Lily Drone camera has showcased in a demo video on how precisely the drone balances itself once flew inthe air. Best part here is that the user never even touched the controller and seems that it is very clever to do what you needed and when to do, while following you through a skiing trail.

It’s a brainchild of Lily Robotics, Lily drone is developed by a five-person company formed by Berkeley grads funded by Ron Conway, the Silicon Valley investor of Google and PayPal fame.

The Lily drone design goes with circular pod, which will be with the user and taping slightly on the button, the drone will automatically do some moves and take amazing pictures without losing the focus on the user. According to Bradlow, the co-founder of Lily Robotics says – the drone is integrated with a camera that is indeed similar in specs with Go Pro 3 and it can eventually record Full HD videos at 1080p. Lily can also capture stills at 360-degree Panorama mode.

About the Lily drone, which can fly up to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hourand offers an airtime of 20 minutes on a single charge. Ultimately, the fact that Lily has with it is that it can setup in various modes such as follow and lead. It can follow you starting at 5-feet and also lead up to 100 feet while maintaining max altitude of 50ft.

Free? No Lily drone will be available for pre-order, selling at $499 right now. Once hits the retail store shelves it will cost $999, latere this year.

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