Microsoft’s Surface Book Takes Another Jab At Mac On New TV Ads [Videos]

Today’s case with Microsoft trying to get the world interested in its tablet-like Surface Book computer, may be all friendly with Apple when it suits, but this new TV ad has been released that not only touts Microsoft’s own hardware but manages to have a dig at Apple Music as well, which Windows 10 producer believes that it can do better than Mac that “Just Can’t Do“.


New Surface Book TV Ads althouh borrows music from Apple to focus on things a Mac machine can’t just tweak. It’s essentially a Microsoft Surface but in notebook form factor, and it’s interesting piece of kit. Someone at Microsoft has obviously decided that the best way to get the attention of the playing public attention is not simply tell everyone how great the Surface Book is, but to also twake a swipe at Apple and its OS X system in the process, V/S Windows 10 hybrid.

In the first ad video features Animal photographer Tim Flach whom it seems Microsoft gave the line of “I can’t do that on my Mac” in an attempt to showcase that its Surface Book’s tablet roots give it an advantage over Apple’s more traditional notebook design architecture. The detail provided by the two-in-one laptop/tablet device, where Flach also detaches the top half of the Surface Book to directly edit and manipulate his photography. He ends stating the oft-mentioned sentense in short.

Notably, when retouching photos and other editing process, are better suited to the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil anyway, but we’ll not get into that right away. Continue to the next tv ad now.

In this second ad it delves deeper into the powers of the Surface Pen and its 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. With Flach comparing the experience he had with Microsoft’s device to his time as a painter. Having the touch-screen similarties the Surface Pro shares with the iPad Pro, Microsoft keeps the comparison specifically to Apple’s Mac line in each video.

Microsoft isn’t for the first time to go on the offensive with an advertising campaign. Apple’s own “I’m a Mac” adverts were both hugely popular and unfair to Microsoft at the same time. Despite that, Microsoft’s attempts to follow suite may be enough to give the Surface Book the shot that it actually needs, but however we doubt too many people at Apple will be losing sleep over it.

As pointed out by a reader of The Loop, the score for Microsoft’s new ads skews cloe to a Retina MacBook Pro commercial from 2012. The third video posted to the company’s official YouTube channel much of a statement of the first two. Reads: Microsoft sells the Surface Book starting at $1499 and goes up all the way to $3,199 thanks to the upgraded 1TB flash storage and Intel Core i7 processor. Introduced to the world at an event last October, referring to the versatile computing device as “the fastest laptop ever made, anywhere, on any planet.”

Recently started a similar tv campaign for Windows 10 with the same tagline “Windows 10 PCs do more”, highlighting what the OS can do that a Mac OS X can’t. What do you say?

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