New Custom Faceplates For Sony PlayStation 4 Are Shown [Video]

Sony has oficially announced some of the latest custom faceplates for its PlayStation 4 console, and will be available in a vibrant range of six new colors, will go on sale starting next month.

What are Faceplates? Actually these are transformation packs or skins that give your PS4 an instant new look. Quick and easy to fit, and seamlessly you can customize your gaming console system in a matter of seconds. Simply be removing the HDD bay cover and then slide and click your chosen faceplate over PS4, hard disc drive.


Whether you want your PS4 looking bold and bright or stylish and sleek, with six colours to choose from it’s easy to get the look you’re after. Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, Red and Glacier White will all be available from November 18, with Gold and Silver coming at a later date.”

The Sony’s PlayStation 4 faceplates colors include blue, orange red, gold, silver and white options, some of those newly releasing will debut on the 18th of November 2015 and those are: Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, Red and Glacier White, whereas with Gold and Silver coming at later date and won’t be available to bargain in the UK, Ireland and Australia and the Neon Orange not available in Scaninavia.

About pricing, Sony has not revealed any details regarding on how much each and every new faceplates for PlayStation 4 will retail for, but as soon as we get any information we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

(Source: Sony)

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