New iPhone Upgrade Program Announced: Drops iPhone 6, 6 Plus Pricing, Offering iPhone 5s For Free, iPhone 5c Trashed

Apple has reduced pricing for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by dropping $100 , and also announced that the iPhone 5s going free on contract, and at the event the Mac maker stated that the iPhone 5c being discontinued. All this in the favor of new upgraded models incoming, as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus arriving this September 25. The price reduction should come as great news for those wanting to get their hands on some Apple hardware that manages to lead the pack in terms of customer satisfaction.


Consumers looking at purchasing last year’s hardware can expect to receive an immediate $100 discount, with the iPhone 6 price now starting at $99 and that of the iPhone 6 Plus, at $199 on contract. The iPhone 5cs cunsumers can be able to take it entirely free-of-charge when they look at a minimum-term contract. Surprisingly, Apple has decided to discontinue the colourful iPhone 5c that was first introduced in September 2013.

Here’s the pricing model in 24 monthly installments:



Now that we’re going to discuss about what the new iPhone program is meant for. The two new iPhones with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, are set to hit the store shelves on 25th of September 2015. With new 3D Touch pressure-sensitive system that allows users to firmly press the screen in order to perform different actions.

Owing to the fact that carriers in the United States are currently moving away from the subsidy model that saw iPhones available with lower prices than what the phones originally worth, Apple buyers are facing the possibility of large one-off fees in order to purchase oneof its new hardware. For that, Apple is launching an ‘iPhone Upgrade Program’ via its Apple retail stores.

What next? Buyers pay Apple a monthly fee, which is effectively a two-year loan, and they indeed get an unlocked iPhone in return. If that phone is unlocked, then buyers can undobtedly use whatever SIM card they wish, with SIM-only deals now becoming the norm at the likes of Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.

Notably, the reason why Apple calls this the iPhone Upgrade Program, is that the iPhones can be chopped in for a new model every 12 months, meaning nobody will be left with an iPhone they don’t want when a new one comes out the following year. Interesting, isn’t it? The deal comes bundled with AppleCare+ coverage as well, and an upgrader’s dream, and of course a great appraoch.

Pricing fall out like this: The iPhone 6s starts at $32.41/month for the 16GB version, rising to $40.75/month for 128GB, while the iPhone 6s Plus will set buyers back between $36.58/month and $44.91 depending on the capacity they choose.


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