Nextbit Robin Announced: The First Android-Based Cloud Smartphone That Never Runs Out Of Storage

In today’s technology world we are although witnessing a lot of new comers in the smartphone making business, mainly focusing on budget phones that look pretty good and efficient and don’t cost an arm and a leg (huge). Now that Netbit, the company formed by fomer members of Google’s Android team, and placed a cloud-based new project graced the crowd-funding website Kickstarter with the name of Robin, which is the smartphone courtesy of Nextbit.


With its sharp design and free cloud storage may help Robin stand out? All the rest in several other aspects, that’s what we’re going to focus on. First off, it is really unique and came with rectangular with proper edges, not the round ones that we see on flagship these days. The colo choice are cyan+white, and black, and looks slick on the device. Specs-wsie, it got a top notch, with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on-board.

What Robin’s true highlight is its tight integration with cloud services, so tight that the backside of Netbit’s Robin initiative actually has a cloud icon with 4 LEDs that blink to indicate when the phone is syncing with the cloud. Indeed, it means that whole idea is to have a phone that basically never runs out of storage space, thanks to its tight integration with the cloud.


Robin users will get 100GB of free cloud storage from Netbit, and more plans can be purchased later on. The makers of the device – Tom Moss and Mike Chan, along with Scott Croyle – are contributers from Gooogle’s Android project and HTC respectively, and aim to solve the problem of limited storage on today’s modern smartphone arena. The phone however will intelligently make space for stuff on your device (has 32GB of onboard storage), like deleting APKs if you’re running low on storage while recording a video (and re-downloading when in need), saving photos to the cloud and keeping only shadow copies locally etc.


The main focus of Robin will be truely on cloud storage, and ensuring that you don’t ever need another storage medium again. Under the hood of the Robin phone, is a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage. Display size onthe devices goes with a 5.2-inch Full HD (1080p) IPS screen, supports 4G LTE, BT 4.0 LE, fingerprint sensor as connectivity options. Camera it sports with a 13MP rear and 5MP Selfie shooters, dual speakers with amplifier also present and is backede by a 2680mAh battery package.


Nextbit is betting that smarter software will make our smartphones more than the sum of their parts. Cheap comnpetitors like OnePlus have already developed radid and Motorola have ventured into the same waters with highly-polished devices, and now Robin is the first cloud-first smartphone entered into the most affordable smartphone competition and has taken to Kickstarter for this because they hope to get a fair idea of how many units to produce in their first round.


The funding goal of Nextbit is a mere $500,000 on Kickstarter. Otherwise, their version was powerful enout garner $18 million through Google Ventures and Accel Partners. Once it becomes available next year, it will cost $400.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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