OnePlus 2 Release Date Time Frame Set For July 27 At Virtual Reality Event

OnePlus after revealing the best specs of OnePlus 2, announced that it will be introducing it at a virtual reality keynote, holding on Juny 27th. OnePlus says that this will be the “World’s first product launch in VR.” Launch that lets you stand right beside to the company’s team and fans as they will unveil their new flagship device, the OnePlus 2. You will be able to look at it and anyway’s check out the phone in a new direction and can also find few hidden “Easter Eggs.” All said by the company during its announcement of OnePlus 2 release date timeframe.

Last month, the company has placed two contestsPhoto Mania 2015” and “Your OnePlus Story“. Fans who have participated and won will help to present the entire launch of the OnePlus 2 in VR. With Snapdragon 810 v2.1, the OnePlus 2 is although suggests to port a USB Type-C connector. Next features and inclusions will be revealed on June 29th.

Notably, it was said before and now as well, that the OnePlus 2 smartphone will only be available to public via invitation-only system after the launch. OnePlusĀ  has also created custom cardboard VR headsets that has been tailored perfectly for the OnePlus One, giving away for free.

You can now register at to get notified as soon as OnePlus Cardboards are available. Stay tuned on 29th of June to get some updated news regrading the OnePlus 2 specs and also on announcement date, set for 27th ofJuly at 7PM (PT) which is (July 28 7:30 AM IST).

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