OnePlus Auctioning OnePlus 2 Invites On eBay For Charity

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus in a blog post announced that it is auctioning off 100 OnePlus 2 invites on eBay with the proceeds going towards the UNICEF Tap Project. A charity that provides clear drinking water to millions of underprivelaged kids around the world. Fifty invites have already landed on OnePlus’ official eBay shop with the other fifty due to hit the store a little later.


Invites are for 64GB Standstone OnePlus 2 Black and the auctions work just like any regular eBay auction. Winning bidders will be sent the invitations by email and once it has been received, will be able to use those to immediately go and buy one – the new OnePlus 2 handsets from the manufacturers’ store. OnePlus mentions that it went the auction route as it noticed users were selling invites on third-party sites for a profit, which wasn’t a fair deal with their fans. By auctioning off invites on eBay, the company is providing an official source of invites, while contributing to charity at the same time. Great!

All invites will be sent out on August 10th and unlike regular invites, winning bidders will have an entire month to purchase the handset. With the reservation list have been already hit One million mark, there will nodoubt be a number of people clamoring to get an invite any way they can. In the past, people have been selling their OnePlus invites online and pocketing the pure profit. However, with this strategy, OnePlus doesn’t just open up a more “official” way to buy invites, but it’s also helping out an important cause.

Currently, 50 invites are available, with another batch of 50 invites set to be released tomorrow. The bids are as high as $355 for a single invite. The auction lasts until 8th of August, and winners will start receiving their invites from August 10.

What is the UNICEF Tap Project?

UNICEF’s Tap Project was started to get clean, safe water to children in underprivileged areas and 100% of OnePlus’ eBay auction proceeds will go straight to the charity. You can read all about it here and learn about other ways you can help their mission.

We are very excited to announce that we are working with eBay’s Giving Works to bring you a new way to get OnePlus 2 invites. For five days, we are auctioning off 100 global invites on eBay and all proceeds will benefit the UNICEF Tap Project. Fifty invites have been released today, and fifty more will be released tomorrow. You can start bidding right now at our official eBay shop!

OnePlus Invite auctions on eBay Shop last 5 days and — at time of writing — there are invites that have raised more than $500. For more details to read, hit this charity link here.

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