OnePlus India Sends Out Invites For Oct. 12, Tries To Deliver Phones In Pizza Style

OnePlus has two big things in its hands and one is it is trying to deliver OnePlus One smartphones within 60 minutes through its promotional offering, otherwise it will give the phone for free, which is somewhat like a giveaway. The second is that the OnePlus India has indeed scheduled an event on October 12 to announce “The Next Big Step” in Bangaluru, which the invites speaks that it will “reiterate the relevance of Indian market in the OnePlus growth story“.

First off we’ll speak about the Chinese company’s new promotion in Bangaluru through which it will deliver OnePlus One handset to customers in 1 hour. Similar to the pizza delivery model of leading chains such as Domino’s, where the users will get the opportunity to get the phone free of charge if there’s a delay in the delivery time. According to the company, the promotion will run for three days – Oct. 8, 9, and 10th. For the promotion, OnePlus has tied up with Blowhorn, a Bangaluru based marketplace that focusses on intra-city logistics startup, to eventually make the 60 minutes delivery commitment possible. Countdown begins once the order is accepted by Blowhorn.

In order to avail the offer, consumers will be required to download the Blowhorn mobile application from Google Play Store, place an order through the app and on acceptance, a OnePlus One handset will be delivered at their doorstep within 60 minutes. Furthermore, the project is being rolled out in Bangaluru as a pilot, and will soon be taken to other cities.

Although OnePlus was been running some other promotional offering for its OnePlus 2 smartphone as though. It has partnered Ola to allow potential users to experience the phone while taking a cab ride, free of charge. Had also collaborated AirAsia to offer free invites for OnePlus 2 to flyers as well.

Now that OnePlus has released one device this year, the flagship OnePlus 2. But today, the company has sent out invites for a pree briefing in Bangalore India for October 12th under the name ‘The Nexts Big Step’. It is also expected that the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau will also be present at the event to announce the company’s plans for India. Though some of you might think that OnePlus Mini / X will be announced at the event, that’s not as likely.

According to the source, it’s is apparent this will be a “Make in India” announcement for OnePlus in which the company intends to unveil that they’ll manufacture their upcoming products in India as well. The project was actually initiated by the Prome Minister a while ago, and a number of companies already participate in it. India gives manufacturer various incentives to build devices in India, and it seems like OnePlus is the latest company to join the list. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the OnePlus Mini / X announcement is still a possibility here, but considering Pete Lau is hosting this event, and the location of the event itself, the ‘Make in India’ scenario is more likely to occur than the product launch scenario.

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