Overcart To Sell Refurbished 64GB OnePlus One Units For Rs 16,999

Starting on May 20, you will be able to buy a refurbished 64GB OnePlus One smartphone in India, directly from the Overcart online retailer for about $268. More details how you can grab a refurbished unit of OnePlus One with 64GB of on-board storage can be checked after this jump.

Overcart has announced that it will be retailing refurbished units of the OnePlus One device, whicxh will be available to purchase from may 20 onwards at a price of INR 16,999 for the 64GB variant. The Standalone Black version costs Rs. 21,998 (about $347) on Amazon brand new.

Refurbished OnePlus One units will be cheaper than the 16GB Silk White smartphones which goes on sale at Rs 18,998 when purchased new from Amazon. Unboxed and will have some signs of usage but Overcart is promising that the OnePlus One units will be subjected to extensive quality tests before being set for sale. Gets 6 months of warranty coverage with each and every refurbished One unit.

It will be offered as a refurbished Flagship killer after an extensive quality check and Overcart has also created a OnePlus product page which allows users to register for updates on the device’s availability.

However, the 64GB OnePlus One was already quite a bargain at Rs 21,998 despite being a year old. Priced at Rs 16,999, the refurbished variant will definitely appeal for users looking to get maximum value for their money.

Online retailer Overcart will be the first brand to have tapped the ‘unboxed’ and ‘refurbished’ products space in organised in India. Products that are pre-ordered on e-commerce platform are returned to the manufactureer under retun policy after unboxing due to various reasons. These devices can be virtually new or have minor issus which can be re-dressed. Offered on Overcart.com at significant discounts after a thorough quality check. Sold out in a limited stock availability.

What do you think about grabbing a refurbished OnePlus One 64GB handset from Overcart?

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