Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ Launch Date Confirmed [Invited]

Think again if you were banking on Samsung introducing its latest smartphone at the annual IFA conference in September and change your plans. The South Korean electronics has clarified by announcing this year’s Samsung Unpacked event, which take place in New York on August 13. It’s likely that the company will still have a presense at the IFA in Berlin the following month where it will unveil a range of new products, but if smartphones are your technology Supremo then all eyes should be on the Lincoln Center in New York City next month.

Official invitations for the Samsung Unpacked 2015 event has started arriving into inboxes of registered press officials and technology insiders. Confirms that the event will be held in New York on August 13 at the Lincoln Center with an 11am Esatern time zone start. Doors will open at 10am for the event to allow everyone to filter through and take their places for what should be an event on, namely the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ packed full of mobile fanfare.

Speculations had suggested that both the Samsung’s fith-generation Galaxy Note 5 “pahblet” and the 5.5-inch Galaxy S6 Edge+ are likely to debut at the event, and will be made publicly available either mid or end-August, which seems to be all but confirmed by the existence of this newly announced event. In addition, Samsung will also be providing a live stream of the Unpacked event at YouTube, starting at 11am Eastern.

So far known from various aesthetic and component leaks, we should be readying ourselves to welcome a beautiful looking Galaxy Note 5 that takes its design-esque from Samsung’s current Android flagship, the Galaxy S6. Features should cross from 5.7 or 5.9-inch display powered by Samsung Exynos CPU and 4GB of RAM. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will apparently pack the similar internal specs to the fifth-gen Note but will aestheically appear to be a plus-sized Galaxy S6 Edge woth 5.5-inch curved display.

Now that it remains to be seen which device will take prority for Samsung as the company attempts to turn around its finacial fortunes. But nevertheless, from a consumer point of view we should be gearing ourselves for welcoming two new powerful Samsung smartphones into note and our lives next month. Your turn, Apple.

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