T-Mobile Offers $125 Discount On iPhone 6s Purchase, Here Are The Details

The promotion falls under T-Mobile’s “JUMP! onDemand” program that exists to allow users to switch the latest phones without having to suffer a waiting period of a hefty upgrade fee. Now that Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones are finally on standby, where both the upgraded versions of the new iPhones ready to hit network carriers across the world to go into a fully fledged aggrasive marketing mode.

Carriers by means, are extremely keen to tie up individuals down to minimum-term contracts to take the advantage of a new premium device like iPhone 6s. T-Mobile is one of the United States carrier which appears to be the first to play its marketing cards, knocking $125 off the iPhone 6s price, making it for a total financial outlay of just $524 over an eighteen month term as compared to the $649 retail tag.

Those who participate in the T-Mobile’s JUMP program are simply invited to trade their old smartphone for a new one. Zoro upfront cost, nor upgrade cost applicable, or waiting as well. T-Mobile is attempting to promote the JUMP program and apparently loking to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the iPhone 6s, by offering the 16GB entry-level phone for a mere $0 initial fee, and just $20 per month over eighteen months. Those figues represent a substantial $125 saving over the whole term. Great, are you interested in it?

If the buyer is deeply in love with the 6s at the end of the term can alsoopt to pay an additional $164 to own the device, or hand it back and walk away with one of the latest smartphones to hit the market. Yes! iPhone 6s Plus is also in the deal by T-Mobile US, but expecting you pay an additional $4 a month charge taking the monthly outlay to what is still a very affordable $24. If that’s not enough to comvince you to allow T-Mobile to handle your phone needs, then there’s another alternative plan, where the company’s lifetime coverage garuntee comes to scene.

The T-Mobile is so assertive that it can assure extensive mobile coverage to the vast majority of the United States that it has introduced a garuntee to protect those who aren’t happy with the level of service received. Exclusive to the iPhone 6s fron the U.S. carrier is that the lifetime coverage garuntee, promising to refund “every penny” paid during the first month of having the iPhone 6s hands-on simply can’t get satisfactory coverage. Alternatively, if the complaint falls outside of the first month then T-Mobile will SIM unlock the iPhone to allow it to be used with any other network.

If this type of deal heard you fancy then you best act quickly as soon as pre-booking go live starting September 12. The company placed this offer “won’t last longer”. For that, head over to T-Mobile’s pre-order signup page for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus here.

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