T-Mobile Offers For You: Get A 128GB iPhone 6s For 16GB Hardware Price, Here Are The Details

Apple is still retailing it’s 16GB iPhone in 2015 as an entry-level model. What is one would think that the company would simply drop that baseline and introduce 32GB storage size for not just the iPhone, and also the iPad as well, keeping the same 16GB model. However, that still remains a dream, T-Mobile isn’t waiting for that to happen in the future and that too from Apple, and in a bold move as part of it’s Un-carrier Unwrapped initative has decided to target AT&T and some other network provider’s users by throwing those subscribers a whopping ogger of 128GB iPhone 6s for the price of the 16GB model. ThinkDifferent!

This won’t be the first and foremost time T-Mobile offer such kind, but it has done this last year where they evidently givenaway 64GB iPhone 6 for the cost of 16GB iPhone 6 hardware. Based their move on the notion that no one can be happy with their 16GB iPhone 6s, T-Mobile given the needs of today’s content and media this way. Perfectly?

Introduction of this hootly and tempting offer has been made just in time for the holidays when shoppers are looking for their most beloved gadget and for any Apple fan or anyone for that matter looking to grab an all-new flagship smartphone, why not go by getting a brand new 128GB iPhone 6s for the price of 16GB 6s, is definitely something that can’t be denyed.

The T-Mobile offer will go live starting December 4, which will see the carrier essentially reducing the price of the 128GB iPhone 6s model by a whopping $200. Wait! There’s a catch here to this whole discount; no don’t worry you will get your discount, juts not instantly. Those opting to grab this deal will receive a $200 bill credit which will be paid during the first 90 days of you joining the T-Mobile bandwagon. Offer will apply to anyone who switched from AT&T, GoPhone, or Cricket Wireless to a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan.


Now, you have your choice and price cut to decide whether going for the T-Mobile offer which will last till December 13th or till supply’s last.

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