AFC2 For iOS 11.3.1-12 Electra Jailbreak Released, Offers Full Filesystem USB Access On ARM64 Devices

Jailbreaking is something many avid iPhone or iPad owners will look forward. It’s something like freedom from Apple’s lock filesystem and others. When it comes to jailbreaking, there are two distinct camps that tweaks can fall into.

The first of its kind which you will find the tweaks that most users can see the benefit of, like adding widgets to the Home screen or changing the way interfaces can be interacted with and such sorts. These usually make sense to anyone who sees them and is easy to explain.

Cydia store installer replacemt Sileo for Electra iOS 11.3.1-11.4 is arriving soon

The second camp here is for the more hardcore jailbreaker because to most people, they actually don’t really do anything. Of course, that is doing the tweak and its developer a damage, because some of these tweaks are already the most important around.

The latest update of its kind, to AFC2, is a prime example of that disservice, and it’s available to download for free now.

For unfamiliar ones, like most, with what AFC is, here’s a little rundown courtesy of the godfather of jailbreaking, Saurik, and this tweak’s Cydia entry.

AFC stands for “Apple File Conduit” (or at least so says TheiPhoneWiki), and is how computer applications such as iTunes and iPhoto can read and write files from your device over USB.

AFC is “jailed” and only allows access to “media” (such as photos, music, and data for apps from the App Store).

This package creates a new service, “AFC2”, with full filesystem access.

If you use a USB device management tool, it might need AFC2 to fully work.

Historically, getting full (not “jailed”) filesystem access was core to the idea “this is a jailbreak”. However, due to security concerns, modern “jailbreaks” now avoid installing AFC2 by default.

Where does this updated release come into play? Well, it now works on any ARM64 device including those using the newer KPPLess jailbreaks such as the ever-popular Electra. As it’s a modified version of Saurik’s original code that downloads code from Apple directly and later uses that with which it works it magic. All that means it does not illegally redistribute copyrighted Apple binaries. That’s very much important for this manner of reasons.

Unfortunately, if you are missing this and have no idea what exactly it does, then you probably don’t need it. But if you want to be able to plug your iOS device into a computer and then access all files with reading and write permissions, this is the one you are going to need essentially.

Have at it, folks. Go to Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad and get the update now from Karen angleXwind’s repo or from the default BigPoss repository.

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