All New iOS 11 Beta 2 Features In One Place [Outlined]

The second iOS 11 beta has been released yesterday to developers, and the iteration of the operating system by Apple for compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch runs much smoother than the initial beta. Now that we have the iOS 11 beta 2 release notes and changes which includes known issues as well. And also have Digg the mobile OS to find out what are the new features hidden inside the latest pre-release seed of iOS 11. Here’s everything you exactly want to know about right now.

iOS 11 beta 2 new feature additions and improvements for the iPhone and iPad, has now been discovered thus far are all in one place. As you may already know by now, Apple seeded the second beta of iOS 11 to individuals registered and enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. That new version not only comes with ton of bug fixes and internal improvements, but also, as noted in Apple’s release notes, it introduces a multitude of new features and changes skipped in Apple’s changelog.

Since this is still in the progression, only the second release in the beta cycle of iOS 11, which is said to be a revolutionary release, we do expect it to be quite buggy for those wanting it on the main device. However, it’s a distinct improvement over the previous release and does actually contain some new inclusions. Here we take a bright look at all the notable ones.

  • You can now remove the recents section of the Dock on iPad
  • New Flyover features in Apple Maps
  • Indoor maps for Apple Maps
  • Share Screenshots directly
  • ‘Press for Siri’ toggle now relocated to Settings → Siri
  • One-handed Keyboard preferences
  • Bolder Date on Calendar app icon
  • New Safari settings for Experimental Features
  • New long press tab options
  • Landscape Safari tab interface on smaller devices
  • Control Center Music widget now shows playback source
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving Control Center toggle now works
  • New DND While Driving preferences in Settings → DND
  • DND While Driving ‘Urgent’ feature
  • No text feedback when using Siri while DND While Driving enabled
  • Frequent Locations have been changed to ‘Significant Locations’
  • Messages on iCloud now syncs, but still not fully functional
  • Files app legacy document providers now listed
  • New UITableView system gesture for quickly entering edit mode
  • Echo Messages app animation now features orange bubbles
  • Updated search results in Apple Music
  • Edit photos button replaces Details button in upper right-hand corner
  • New ‘Save to Files’ app option in Share Sheet
  • Drag and drop multiple items in the Photos app on iPhone
  • Access within apps is back in CC settings
  • New AirPlay button on lock screen controls
  • New Scan QR Codes toggle in Camera preferences

List of some items that iOS 11 beta 2 brings with it. Along with fixing bugs and introducing new ones, there are some small feature tweaks and changes that are included in iOS 11. Outlined below:

– Safari Experimental Features

Developers have instantly been given some additional power with Apple exposing the Experimental Features options within the Advanced settings of mobile safari. In the Settings app in the iOS browser under Advanced, there’s a new option to turn on experimental features like Constant Properties, CSS Spring Animations, WebGPU, Web Animations, and more.

– Dictation

Apple has also added dedicated support for Hindi Dictation for those who prefer to speak directly into the device, living in India. Support for Hindi Dictation has also been added in beta 2 according to beta release notes.

– Files App

There’s now a new “Save to Files” Share Sheet option for saving photos, documents, and other files to the Files app. When using it, a menu pops up that allows you to choose a location. Save to files replaces Add to iCloud Drive.

Legacy document provider like OneDrive, Box, PDF Expert, and other apps are also now showing up as Locations in the Files app, but unfortunately, aren’t using the new iOS 11 file extensions yet.

Lock Screen – Notification Center blur effect

Now when you invoke the Notification Center by swiping down from the top, you will see a new blur animation, which will be played back again when you dismiss the NC to get back to the Lock Screen or the Home Screen. So what you have to note is that, there’s a new blur animation when pulling down from atop of the device to bring up the Lock Screen/Notification Center or when pulling up to access the Home screen again.

– Docks – Show Recents

Beta 2 also makes some big changes specific to iPad users. A new option will disable recent apps in iPad Dock, exactly allows by the recently added ‘Show Recents’ feature in the Dock to be turned off if the user desires. Where it settles? New option  can be adjusted under Settings > General > Multitasking that allows you to change the Dock settings on the iPad to eventually disable the “Show Recents” option that displays your most recently used apps on the dock. With this disabled, only apps that you have added to the dock will show up. That means iPad owners can simply choose to only show applications added to the Dock rather than be bogged with recently or frequently used apps.

– Do Not Disturb While Driving

There are now new Do Not Disturb While Driving options available in the Settings app and Do Not Disturb While Driving is enabled in this beta. Activated in beta 2, it works both with and without CarPlay.

– Disable Control Center in apps, more

Devices running on iOS 11 gets a new option to disable Control Center within apps, preventing it from coming up when you swipe upwards. Control Center has had a lot of love in iOS 11, continues with the release of beta 2. Users now have an option of disabling the ability to invoke the new CC within certain apps. This option leaves Control Center accessible from the Home screen. Bluetooth in Control Center works like the Wi-Fi option, disconnecting from whatever’s connected rather than toggling it off.

This does, of course, still mean that Control Center is accessible even when the user is on the main Home screen, so will still have access to that functionality. Additionally, the Bluetooth option explained above now simply disconnects the iOS device from a connected device instead of toggling the Bluetooth off.

– Disable QR code scanning in Camera app

Finally, for those who see no need to scan QR codes from the stock Camera app, or who don’t want their device to automatically try to read QR codes when one is visible, there’s now an option to turn this scanning feature off.

For that? Head over to Settings > Camera, and simply toggle the Scan QR Codes option to the OFF position.

– New options for Safari tab button

When you press and hold on the tabs button in Safari, you will now see three options: Close All 3 Tabs, Close This Tab, New Private Tab, and New Tab.

iOS 11 is currently only available to developers, but Apple has said it will make a version of the update available to the public beta testers at the end of June. But it seems like, it won’t happen until the iOS 10.3.3 final is released to the general public. Anyhow, will likely see additional feature tweaks and changes ahead of the software’s public release in the fall.

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