All Versions Adobe Flash Blocked By Mozilla From Firefox Browser By Default

If you notice Firefox Web browser doesn’t allow Adobe Flash Player running videos on its service, and followed by Mozilla’s executive Mark Schmidt, the browser is blocking the platform due to security vulnerabilities.

Firefox Now Blocks Flash By Default

By default, Firefox browser now block Flash. And when I say “blocks,” I don’t mean it asks you nicely if you’d really like to use Flash. As Facebook security chief calls for its death, could be temorary, but we hope it is permanent.

It doesn’t mean it automatically pauses Flash videos on Google Chrome, but I mean Mozilla has decided that Flash is going down. The head of Mozilla Firefox support team just tweeted this:

And you will see this if you try to use Flash in Firefox right now:


Adobe Flash was once the best player for web browser, and now such a hard-on for Flash? Well, it could be that the world just rediscovered just how prone Flash is to nasty, nasty vulnerabilities.

In fact, Mozilla’s March Schmidt says that once the “publicly known vulnerabilities” are fixed, Firefox will stop actively blocking Flash.

As of now, support team at Mozilla, tweeted that all versions of Flash Player are blocked in the browser as of its latest update, accompanying the news with an image showing a raised fist and the phrase “Occupy Flash.” Alos noted that Firefox users can still choose to enable Flash if they wish in the settings menu.

Although it was YouTube who first dropped Flash as its default player in favor of HTML5 in January, and Chrome now intelligently pauses instances of Flash video on its pages – even Adobe stopped active development of Flash Player for mobile in 2011.

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Correction: Mark Schmidt clarified Firefox’s support for Flash in a tweet sent some time after his first, noting that future versions of the software may again be enabled by default if Adobe releases a new version.

(Via The Verge)

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