Amazon Go: A First Checkout-Free Grocery Store Opens On Monday

The first Amazon Go grocery and convenience store will open to the public on Monday in Seattle, which is a new kind of store with no checkout required – letting any person with an Amazon account. Simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want, and get go!

Dilip Kumar, Amazon Go vice president of technology explains this, that the Amazon Go app is the online retail pioneer’s attempt to reinvent the physical store with the same mindset that brought one-click shopping to the Internet web.

No Checkout, No Lines, No Seriously

The Amazon Go and a willingness to give up more of their personal privacy than usual simply grab anything they want and walk out, without going through a check out line. After shoppers check-in by scanning their unique QR code, overhead cameras work with weight sensors in the shelves to precisely track which items they pick up and take with them. Amazon Go’s system automatically debits their accounts for those items they take, sending the receipt to the app.

By the way, customers can also liner and fill up a shopping bag, and that’s where Amazon Go gets really interesting, or disturbing, depending on your perspective. The system also knows when people pick up items and put them back, ensuring that Amazon doesn’t dock anyone’s account for milk or chips when they simply wanted to read the label.

After nearly a year’s delay, Amazon Go is finally opening to the public on Monday morning. It’s Amazon’s first announced grocery store that promises, “no lines, no checkouts, no registers” – only automated, which could eventually be a game-changer for the grocery and retail industry.

For now, Amazon is testing the concept on a limited basis and has no plans to implement the technology in Whole Foods. That includes one section of Whole Foods 365 brand products. Amazon Go’s merchandising mix includes some non-food items such as batteries (Amazon Basics, of course), Band-Aids, Tylenol, Advil, and cold medicine. But the majority of the store is dedicated to food and beverage items.

Amazon Go is also part of a broader push by Amazon into physical retail, including its Amazon Books stores and Amazon Fresh Pickup locations. In addition to the company’s massive bet on Whole Foods Market. Yet until now, it has remained in beta mode for Amazon employees only, reportedly due to the very thing that makes it so interesting: Technology that eliminates the cashier.

Amazon calls it “Just Walk Out” technology and it uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion. Many of the same advances being used to develop autonomous driving. For customers, it’s simple: Scan your Amazon Go app as you walk into the store, pick up whatever you want, and simply walk out.

You can now download and install Amazon Go apps for iOS and Android devices, nevertheless, has been released a day ahead of the opening. Customers can use their existing Amazon credentials to log in to the Amazon Go app. In addition to providing a QR code to scan at the entrance to the store, the Amazon Go app is where the receipt shows up after you leave the store carrying your chosen items.

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