Amazon iOS App Adds AR ‘Part Finder’ Feature To Identify & Buy Screws, Nuts, Bolts, More

Amazon has made a handy new addition to its camera features on its iPhone app. And Amazon also continued its run to becoming the place to go not for just about everything by updating its iOS app to include a new feature-rich option. A new “part finder” feature for users augmented reality (AR) to help customers identify and buy small hardware like bolts, nuts, screws, and more.

Before we look forward on what Amazon thinks of throwing away an updated iOS app by identifying and buying small hardware, the feature comes after Amazon acquired the visual recognition firm, PartPic, back in 2016. For now, Amazon only has launched the useful part finder feature solely for iPhone.

Only available in its iOS app currently, “part finder” has been quietly rolling out to some users over the past few weeks and is now stable, starting to become available to all users who have the Amazon app installed on their devices.

Here’s how to use the new feature

Using this app and its feature is super easy as well as simple, like opening Amazon’s iOS app before tapping on the camera icon in the top-right corner. This will actually launch the camera interface that would normally be used for scanning barcodes and sorts. But by tapping the See More button, users will see a new part finder entry. Tapping this and following the on-screen instructions will take care of the rest.

Once you get the green mark and the countdown finishes, you’ll see the results.

Note: If the recognition fails, try it to give a shot to a different angle and zoom in a bit closer.

Last fall the app gained ARKit support to help shoppers discover items with AR View in addition to the app’s product search feature. Now, part finder feature seems to have been rolling out for a couple of weeks should be available to all.

Indeed, you will have to face few failures on the first or second scan of a couple of screws, but holding the iPhone closer, or adjusting the angle resulted in accurate identification on a second best try. By giving users the ability to point their camera at a part and then not only have Amazon identify it but also offer it up for sale is the kind of thing that we may have thought of as science fiction. As technology moved on, this is also a prime factor of something that could make a difference to day-to-day life for many.

Use part finder to successfully identify a machine screw, wood screw, and a self-drilling screw with accurate lengths. If you have ever needed a replacement screw for example, but not knowing exactly what it is, then this will be a lifesaver for you.

Amazon for iOS is now available for download free from the App Store.

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