Amazon Kindle Oasis: A New Waterproof E-Reader Gadget, Features Larger Display, More

Amazon has announced an all-new Kindle Oasis 2017 model with a 7-inch large display and IPX8 waterproof rating, and also at a less expensive e-reader. Here are the features, price, and availability information about it.

Priced at $250, the new Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is a bit faster, bigger, and more tub-friendly. This new device will remain the highest-end model in Amazon’s popular Kindle series, but it comes with a host of tweaks compared to the previous Oasis, launched in early 2016.

New Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017

Details-wise, the reader now has a 7-inch e-ink display, a full inch larger than its predecessor. Amazon says the display will sport 300 pixels per inch, so text should be just as sharp as before. It will be available in two models, 8GB and 32GB Kindle Oasis e-readers.

Next up to speak about Kindle Oasis’s waterproof solution, Amazon says the device is IPX8 rated, meaning it should survive being dunked in roughly two meters of water for up to 60 minutes.

However, the e-commerce company took the biggest leap to date with that line-up when it announced the $290 Kindle Oasis to sit at the high-end of the range.

E-readers have proven to be more popular at the time when Amazon Kindle took the plunge and introduced the original Kindle Oasis. To Amazon itself, those Kindle models were priced in a specific range, making them accessible to most and a purchase which wouldn’t exactly break the bank.

The new Kindle Oasis changes all that, it seems it has been successful enough in Amazon’s eyes to warrant an upgraded 2017 version.

What the Amazon doing in order right now is lowering the price of the Oasis from $290 to $250. That move alone is going to make it immediately more accessible and appealing to a wider range of consumers.

Amazon Kindle OIasis 2017 E-reader

Other key features for the all-new Kindle Oasis includes an all-metal casing that giving it a waterproof shell, making it the first model in the Kindle range to be impervious to water ingress. The exterior also gives it that premium look and feel. When compared tro other Kindles, the most other E-readers for that matter, are often made of plastic and feel cheap.

With the bumped display on the Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017, it will give an additional 30% text on the new real estate, There’s also the addition of 12 LED backlights for a better and more uniform clarity making your reading experience a more enjoyable one.

The same device has become a little bit heavier in the process, jumping from 131 grams to 194 grams, but it still measures a slim 3.4mm at its thinnest point. Also the new Oasis has a higher-capacity battery that is projected to get up to six weeks of reading time on a charge. Older Oasis covers will not work with the new gadget.

The Oasis comes with a built-in Audible feature too although this feature will be added with a firmware update to certain other Kindle models as well. “With Audible built in, you can listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks and easily switch between reading and listening to a professionally narrated performance on Bluetooth headphones or speakers”.

It runs on a dual-core 1GHz NXP 1.MX7D processor, up from the Cortex-A9 chip in the last Oasis. The new Oasis also comes with ambient light sensors, and there’s still no native support for open source EPUB files, and the company’s Alexa Assistant is still nowhere near to be found, but Amazon’s e-book platform remains massive eaither way.

The big feature the company is touting is the ability to play audiobooks from the device through its Audible app. Since the reader doesn’t have a headphone jack or built-in speakers, you’ll have to hook it up to a Bluetooth device to take advantage of the new functionality.

The Oasis is still pricey for an e-reader but a little less so than before. The new Kindle Oasis is available to pre-order now with an 8GB version starting at $249.99 and the larger 32GB option costing $279.99. Shipping will begin on October 31.

Another model with 32 GB and cellular connectivity is available for $350. A 3G model as well but that costs $50 more.

Buy: 7-inch 2017 Kindle Oasis 8GB from Amazon: $249.99
Buy: 7-inch 2017 Kindle Oasis 32GB from Amazon: $279.99

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