Amazon Prime Video Streaming App For Apple TV Released, Supports 4K+HDR On Latest Model

Amazon has released an all-new dedicated Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV and of course, for Apple TV 4K. It has been announced in the first instance back during this year’s WWDC in June.

Before we go forward on the topic, we have to say that YouTube will cut access to the Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show starting January 1st, 2018. Heading into WWDC, we had a good idea of what was going to be announced before Apple unleashed its Internet engineers on the streaming development community for a week of talks and workshops.

We had some intimation on the native Amazon Prime Video app coming from Apple TV prior to the event. But again, it wasn’t a guarantee that Apple would officially lift the covers off of the app. History describes us that we did actually get an early access to the existence of the app, but we now have full control over the platform via the tvOS App Store.

First and foremost to note is that, Amazon’s new addition to the tvOS App Store offers full compatibility with the latest 4K-bound Apple TV, meaning that it supports 4K+HDR content. The existence of ATV 4K, as well as this new native app directly from Amazon itself, should literally help Apple pull back some of that vital market which is dominated by Roku, and, quite ironically, Amazon with its own Fire TV and Fire TV Stick hardware.

In addition to Apple TV 4K support, this new Amazon Prime Video app gives everything that we would expect from a streaming video app of this kind.

All the content from the Amazon Prime Video will be split up into categories in the app. It is set out in typical tvOS app design. Users will have to navigate to the content with the Siri remote (syncing) and get all associated information about the desired video before actually diving in and streaming the content. And also, users will be able to use the updated TV app on Apple TV to search for content within Amazon Prime Video and dive right into the app to consume it.

Amazon Prime Video app, for both 4th-generation and 5th-gen Apple TV hardware, can be downloaded for free of cost. That too from the tvOS App Store redirection.

Update x1: Seems like the app is also rolling out for Apple TV 3rd-generation models! Enjoy.

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