Amazon Prime Wardrobe Service Now Lets You Try Clothes Before You Buy

New in the world of online clothing is the latest Amazon Prime Wardrobe service, a new program now onwards allow Amazon Prime subscribers try the clothes before they make a payment online for them. It’s something Amazon and its latest e-commerce service is providing to all Prime users.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and happen to live in the United States, love buying clothes, then you are in luck as of today, Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe is now opened to all.

Prime Wardrobe was originally an invite-only beta and has been seeing its reach extend throughout the past year or so. The theory behind this is one that will be immediately familiar to anyone who knows existing services such as Trunk Club or Stitch Fix. This means those Amazone Prime users will be able to fill boxes with between three and eight items at a time, with those items theirs to try on for a week once they have arrived. At this point, they have to decide what they really want to keep with them, if anything and everything else is returned back to Prime Wardrobe.

There are no up-front costs either, so customers will only pay for the items that they already kept. Amazon’s service will also go so far as to suggest items that it feels will match or go towards a particular style.

Wait! Not all of the clothing items on Amazon’s website will be eligible for Prime Wardrobe, it has confirmed that there will be a specific range of items that its customers can choose from. That means that both affordable and designer goods will be part of Prime Wardrobe, hopefully meaning that there is something for every style and available for every budget.

To find out what’s new and what can be ordered as part of the new Prime Wardrobe service, subscribers can head on over to the official Prime Wardrobe section at

If you’re well liked or just hate shopping for clothes, then this might be one place worth checking out right away.

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