Android 5.0 Lollipop Beta ROM For Galaxy Note 3 Leaks Out, Get It Now On N900U!

Screenshots in the past showed a SM-N900U unit, which was an Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0 Lollipop on it. Thanks to the forum member, who has now got hold of the ROM with an error on the website


Now it appears that it might just be true as the thread points covering the accident on XDA now offering a download link along with a full set of instructions for a manual flash. The update looks to be real as it gets, but its an early beta build which unexpectedly slipped through the holes and cracks.

However the screencaps seem to showcase a white menu background which looks like a very dull choice as it might cause the Super AMOLED display to draw way more power than it needs to. Samsung will however address this issue before the official OTA arrives.

Although the leaked Android 5.0 version does seems to be functioning, but after reading the XDA forum’s note, it appears to be riddled with bugs, which obviously expected from a beta not intended in any way for public use.

Nevertheless, the XDA users have already flashed the new ROM, and also managed to apply a few quick “homebrew” fixes to remedy certain crash issues and major problem with Bluetooth connectivity altogether.


Lollipop update on the Galaxy Note 3 is drawing closer though. We are yet to see any information regarding the most wide-spread variant of the device, as it appears. The Snapdragon 800 SM-N9005, but progress on that shouldn’t be far behind.

Already owned N900U unit of the Galaxy Note 3, and interested in trying adventurous times then you can head over to the XDA-Developers forum to get the needed files and how to guide instructions to apply the leaked ROM update.

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