Android 9.0 P Developer Preview 1 Release Date Revealed

Google is rumored to unveil the first Android 9.0 P developer preview in the next few weeks time, according to a reliable tipster Evan Blass.

Among the improvements expected in Android P, the 9.0 OS is also expected to have backed against spy apps. Android updates are a strange beast, and while its creator does like to release a new version of its next-generation mobile operating system every year, it is not unheard of for an update to be announced long before most people are able to actually get their hands on the upgrade that was announced the year prior.

You can take a look at Android 9, is right around the corner, and these are the features, changes we’re hoping for the most. Android software oddities notwithstanding, is always an exciting time when we know that a new update is on the horizon. With more and more references to Android P starting to crop up online, that’s the case right now to go forward with.

When is Android P coming out, and what new features will it include? Some say, 2019 will see the release of Android P and some also speculate about what we’ll see in the next big Android release. A report from February 12 shed some light on features we can expect in the Android 9.0 update, and in just three short months, we’ll get that on compatible Android devices.

Based on past form Google is likely to unveil Android 9.0 P developer preview 1 for download during MARCH 2018. As an example of that, Google announced Android O on March 21st, 2017, and now we have a suggestion that we could see Android P arrive during the same month given this year.

The latest suggestion of a March Android P announcement comes from the same notoriously accurate @evleaks (Evan Blass Twitter), with the leakster tweeting that Android P, in its initial DP form, a targeting a mid-March release time frame.

If that turns to be legit, we should apparently only have a week or two before we get to see what Google has been working on behind the scene for the bast year or so. We are still in the darkness of knowing about what Android P name will be. While we don’t know for sure what will be part of Android P, but there have been a number of rumors already.

Chief among them is the suggestion that the next-generation version of Android, codenamed “P”, will add specific support for Android devices that use a notch-type design, similar to Apple’s iPhone X.

If that’s the case, this could make plenty of sense, especially considering the number of Android phones announced during the recent Mobile World Congress had notches at the top of their screens – and not always with software that worked well with those notches, either. Also includes the upcoming OnePlus 6 and Huawei P20 lineup.

(Source: Evan Blass [Twitter])

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