Android Version Fortnite To Be Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exclusive For 30 Days

Fortnite fans will get a chance to play Android version of the battle royale game exclusively on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pretty soon. Without there being some Fortnite news, today’s offering is something of a strange one. Everyone is already acutely aware of the fact that while Fortnite has been available on iOS via the App Store for a while now, Android users have been left out in the cold.

Although things are not quite as simple as they may first seem. However, it looks like there will be a change in Fortnite Android version relatively soon.

As reported by the folks over at 9to5Google, Fortnite will launch on Android as part of a special promotion alongside the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung is expected to announce its latest flagship smartphone in the next couple of weeks with an expected launch towards the end of September 2018.

All that means Android gamers should be able to play Fortnite before the end of September, right? Well, not quite.

Fortnite will actually be a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive for 30 days, according to the report. This is for those wanting to play on Android before the end of October will need to pick up a new smartphone, too. That’s obviously a bad news indeed. Anyone who does opt to buy a new Galaxy Note 9 will at least get $100-$150 worth of V-Bucks to spend in-game. Anyone not wanting to play Fortnite on their new handset will be able to forsake the V0Bucks and get a free pair of Wireless AKG headphones instead.

Everything is clear and fair, and we’re very curious to learn what Fortnite fans have to say about this offering. Are you going to pick up a Galaxy Note 9, and has made this in your mind? Had the blatant money grabbing that this exclusive deal represents put you off the game at all?

Let us know!

(Source: 9to5Google)

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