Google Releases ‘Near-Final’ Android P Beta 3 For Testers

Google’s Android P Beta 3 is now available on a range of popular devices, which is supposed to be a “near final” look at the OS before it’s fully completed later this summer.

Google engineering VP Dave Burke calls the latest Android P beta an “early release candidate build” that ” takes us very close to what you’ll see in the final version of Android P.”

Features and new additions you don’t expect much in the way on consumer-facing additions, as Google finalized all the APIs with Beta 2. Instead, Google says the third beta focuses on “the latest bug fixes and optimizations for stability and polish,” which also suggests this should be pretty close to what we’ll get with the final version when it launches in the fall.

With that said, small tweaks sometimes show up in these betas, so we’ll be pursuing through the Developer Build update and let you know if we find anything new.

Note that the release of Android P beta 3 download and install only applies to Pixel phones, and if you’re on one of the partner devices, you’ll have to follow manufacturer’s instructions on installing Beta 3 within the next few weeks.

The bigger deal here is really for developers since system behaviors and APIs are supposed to be in close to final state, so they can start to test apps and rely on how they’ll work.

How to install the Android P beta today

However, OEM partners who’re participating in the trail as part of Google’s Project Treble will be updating their devices to the new beta seed in the coming weeks. Those devices include the Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6 and Sony Xperia XZ2.

If you’ve signed up for the Android Beta Program, beta 3 of Android P should show up as an over-the-air (OTA) update within the day. If you want to install Android P, you can follow our instructions, when the first beta came out.

(Download: Android P Beta 3 From Android Developer Blog)

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