App Code Hints At Android Pay Could Use Facial Recognition For Loyalty Program

It seems like Google is very much shutting down Hands Free payment app, in order to add facial recognition to its Android Pay. Google could be looking for using facial recognition on Android Pay, making it pretty easy to load up loyalty cards and make use of them on the go, where facial recognition-based shopping could be done. Here are the details on what the code looking at on.

Android Pay Visual ID teardown

If the new feature we are talking about implemented onto Google’s Android Pay, which apparently going to be called Visual ID – that could end up in the app within near future update. Currently, Visual ID has not been added into the Android Pay app, though, a recent teardown of the latest APK file reveals that a feature addition called Visual ID has been spotted in the code, as well was referred more than once.

“APK teardown” of Version 1.22 of Android Pay, and it found a feature called Visual ID, described as “a secure way to confirm your identity at participating stores, making it easier to do things like earn loyalty points and redeem rewards.” 9to5Google conducted this:

Interestingly, with that said that Google will not be implementing facial recognition for payment authentication, rather just to authenticate loyalty cards instead. Well, retailers will need to have a special Visual ID camera in place to work that can match the photo taken by the user to one taken with the camera at the retail location. Once the photos match up a verification is in place, the app Visual ID camera will definitely need to use Bluetooth to place the location of the user in the store.

While the midest of this whole progression Google sends the loyalty card info to the store’s Visual ID camera so that the customer can proceed with their transaction. How faster this process will be pulling out your device is unknown and scanning it with the loyalty card you might want to use will have to wait until the feature is available. There’s still no indication of when exactly it will be added to Android Pay for Loyalty Program.

Notification appears to suggest that the Visual ID camera will only be available at participating retailers so there is a chance that the new Visual ID feature will be pretty much usable on a smaller scale in the beginning. As Google hasn’t officially spoken about how large the scope of supported stores will be at launch when this feature addition is implemented into the Pay application, nor have they noted any supported cities at this point. The supported city or at supported retailer can still have access and use their loyalty cards in Android Pay the same way they always have.

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