AirDroid 3 Beta Download Now Available For Windows And Mac Testing

AirDroid is one of the most popular web based management app that is free and fast which helps you manage your Android from a web browser all over the air. It is an alternative to AirDrop for iOS and Mac systems and with AirDrop 3 beta released for testing, brings iOS-like handsoff features to Android. Full details right after this break!


AirDroid 3 is coming and now the AirDroid team is happy to announce that its Beta version is ready for testing and the key feature that this Android app will be even better when it will have Mac OS X and Windows clients active.

Android, on the other is a mobile OS platform which has limitations so managing it from a webbrowser can be better. AirDroid 3 will definitely have incoming call alerts, Notification mirroring, Air Mirror, and best Contact management. Notably, using AirDroid 3 final in the future you can also reject calls with a simple canned message.

The latest beta version of AirDroid 3 app is now live for testing on your Android and with it the update also brings new settings and inclusions as a whole. The version AirDroid 2 allowed user to access their Android devices to access their files on the handset, contacts list, photo gallery and other functions from any supported web browser with a login system.

And now with the version 3 comes with a standalone desktop manager which can be used for Windows and OS X platforms seamlessly. Note that this is the beta version so don’t expect a flawless experience just yet. While the desktop client however have a different user interface than a virtual desktop, which in fact can display a low frame rate video feed in your smartphone’s screen and also got the ability to take screenshots after the prior root permissions.

A few major things: AirMirror, End-to-End encryption (E2EE), File transfer, SMS, Call alerts, Contact, Nofication Mirror, a Redesigned Android interface, and AirDroid Web.

The AirMirror allows controlling of Android device from any desktop similar to VNC or Remote Desktop. This also allows launching an Android app remotely from notifications.

End-to-End encryption (E2EE) for all SMS, account credentials, contact data, app notifications, and other sensitive data are now available.

Update X1: Incoming call alerts are close to what Apple offers with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite but with a catch in AirDroid 3: If you decide to accept a call, the conversation still takes place on your phone; not on the computer.

How AirDroid 3 Beta for Windows and Mac Works – Full Setup

The new AirDroid is now ready to download so that you can start testing and to begin beta test, you have to first install AirDroid Android on your mobile device or on your Windows or Mac computer. Download links are embedded below!

AirDroid APK

AirDroid Windows

AirDroid Mac OS

AirDroid Web

Sign in to AirDroid account on your device to start beta testing.


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