Download The Live Video Streaming App ‘Meerkat’ For Android, Now Available On Google Play Store

You all can now get the live video streaming app for Android. Meerkat launches on it before hitting Twitter’s Periscope. Download links are available on the Google Play – as all went for free. More details on Meerkat for Android app can be grabbed right after this break.

Beating its larger rival to the punch on the world’s most widely used mobile operating system, Meerkat lands on Android, which was the first to garner big hype, but saw that initial buzz fade after the launch of Periscope (owned by Twitter). But it happened like this, taking a diversion to Google’s mobile operating system, Android. Meerkat was already taking registrations for its public beta few weeks ago, and today the beta version of the app is available to download for everyone on Android.

For iOS, Meerkat continues to push for growth with some new features that have just gone live. Launched on iPhone a way back in February this year. The most interesting new addition of live video streamer is ‘mobbing,’ which sees users with a popular live stream automatically moved to the app’s main activity feed. Users will evidently notified that their feed has been ‘mobbed’ by a Meerkat flying around their screen in a rocket ship.

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With that, Meerkat for iOS gets address book integration, Facebook stream promotion and lot more. Cute, isn’t it? You can now find users to connect with from your phone’s contacts (address book). Latest in this series of moves to improve user discovery, which was actually introduced when Twitter cut back Meerkat’s access to its social graph. Nevertheless, you can also promote live and upcoming streams to Facebook right now, however, given how the News Feed ranks content, you friends may not literally see the notification until the stream has long ago finished.

Apart this, Android version of Meerkat released for external beta testers, and the new version of the app is officially ready to grab, still carries a tag of ‘Beta’. Meerkat is now among the top 20 social apps, and sits on top 200, and when compared to the Twitter’s Periscope, has also maintained a position on the top twenty social apps and 200 overall, and to say, both apps have become viral among media outlets and celebrities who want to give their audience a peek into what’s happening in real time.


Today‚Äôs release means the app is available for all to try out on Android. With the Meerkat app, you’re able to stream video to your friends on Twitter. Meerkat lets you login using your Twitter account and stream videos instantly for your follower on Twitter by sharing a web link. Watch other users’ streams and chat with the broadcaster altogether.

Unlike Periscope, Meerkat has no ability to save a live stream, but there are some best third-party apps that can eventually help with that. You, one of those itching to livestream everything from your Android phone, you can finally do that with Meerkat from now onwards.

Download Meerkat for Android (beta) free and for iPhone from here.

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