Download WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK For Android With Material Design, Voice Calls Changes And Bug Fixes

You can now download the latest version 2.12.87 of WhatsApp APK for your Android devices, which fixes some of the latest remnants of Holo. WhatsApp recently gets the all new Material Design update for its app live on the Play Store. Now introduced a new Beta  build of the WhatsApp.Brings with it Android Lollipop Material Design UI elements, New Calling Interface, Lighter Default Wallpaper and more. Details on how to and where to download it can be found right after this jump.

The WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK is now available to download. New updated for Android has been rolled out, which gets a lot nicer and cleaner look. Supports devices running Android 2.3 and above, and this can be either booted directly from the official WhatsApp website and experience the new changes that affected the calling feature.

Speaking of voice calls, this feature was actually introduced back in February, and the first “testers” were random Androiod users selected by the developers. Later, a beta version came to the scene with the WhatsApp calls enabled nd users were nolonger desperate to find friends which managed to activate voice calling. Developers tried to improve the service and the amount of used mobile data is huge, almost as much as Skype VoIP, but calls don’t have HD quality, especially if you have a limited data plan activated on your phone.

With the beta version 2.12.87, WhatsApp’s employees has improved the application and solved most of the known issues. Beyond the Material Design which suffered other changes and the default wallpaper was changed, from dark beige to calmer and with denser outline drawings. The vivid green background that had the caller’s name on it has also been removed and the bright red background for End call has a different tone, more pinkish. The end call receives the same old color. You will notice that the icons were shrunk and have a more minimalistic look, options: Block, Clear chat, Email char and Add shortcut have been replaced as well.

Finally, the Search bar is semi-transparent and no longer shows the second underline when typing for contact’s name. Discover the rest of the visual changes by installing WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK on your Android. Enable Unknown Sources option from Settings.

Download WhatsApp APK version 2.12.87 from here.

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