Exclusive: Early Look At Google Hangouts 4.0 For Android, Wearable Shows Improved Chat Interface

It seems like Google is reportedly working on fixing some issues reagrding the upcoming update that offers interface improvements and revamped features. For Android, Google Hangouts 4.0 gets its first look at the redesigned UI.

However, it may not be the final version though, the most glaring change is the app now adopts much more of the Matrial Design language, which Google is pushing. With the floating ‘new conversation’ button towards the bottom right of the screen. New Hangouts will also get an improved users interface, with the app also brings slide-out drwaers, little animations etc.

Nevertheless, in the chat screen, Hangouts now look a lot like iMessage on iOS with its floating, rounded conversation bubbles. A new menu bar along the bottom of the message entry field replaces the paperclip icon as well as by allowing for quick addition of pictures, emojis or a location to your messages.

The floating action button also called FAB added to the latest version 4.0 of Google Hangouts, lets you video calls, or create group chat. Hangouts has taken a chance from the desktop app and now users can set a status and change it. By the way, the messaginbg threads has been refreshed with a more rounded chat bubbles and evidently removed the time stamps and your avtar on every chat window, and the color scheme has been reversed: incoming messages will be in green and your reply (comments) will be in white.

For Android Wear, Hangouts version 4.0 allow users scroll through and browse all of the message threads, reply to messages, and the complete history of any given conversation. With a static green bar on the top of the messages list, lets users switch between accounts.


Users of Hangouts 4.0 can choose a voice or emoji response on the reply screen or by keep scrolling to use quick comment. Expected that this app feature will get full support of voice commands ahed of its official launch.


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