Google Announces Project Brillo For The Internet Of Things; Learn About It

Google has just made an announcement of its baby version of Android for Internet of Things, called Project Brillo. Brillo extends the Android platform to all your connected devices, so that, they are easy to set up and work essentially with each other. One of these ideas that has been around for a while but hasn’t really come to proper fruition yet. Finally, the search giant has sort that problem in its second attempt, and at Google I/O 2015 developer conference, the company’s plans for Project Brillo outlined. More details on how it works, and what do it brings with it can be found right after this fold.


What is Project Brillo? It’s an idea behind the new concept is to evidently give third-party devices such as baby monitors, lights, door locks and other household – in-home gadgets a way to communicate thanks to a pared down version of Android that they would theoretically all be running – mere similar to Apple’s HomeKit. It’s Android Jim, but not as we know it – whatever, not everone cane get Android running properly on a smartphone so can you imagine the chaos of trying to squeeze it into a garage door lock?

The Project Brillo, a super-slim operating system that’s designed specifically for devices collectively known as the Internet of Things. Based on Android, but pared down enough to operate on a wide variety of day-to-day objects, baby cameras, ovens and like that many to each other via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Now, what actually Project Brillo means for you? Details on how any of the Project Brillo stuff will work for the end user are scarce, developers were treated to some information on what Google is calling ‘Weave.’ Designed to be the ethical tech that allows all of this kit to talk to each other. Weave will allow your smart objects to define events such as unlocking or locking a door and letting other devices understand what that event should mean (Door locked? Turn off the oven, etc.). Imagine having a coffee machine that kicks into gear as soon as you open your front door, or a house alarm that arms itself up whenever your car leaves the garage.

The possibilities with Project Brillo is quite endless, but with Google not ready to ship the developer tools needed for it until Q3 2015 and Weave not ready until a month or two after that makes an appearance, you’re going to have to wait before the Internet of Things finds a better way into your living room, after all.

Soon expected to hear more about Project Brillo and the latest version of Android over the course of days. These are interesting times for Google, let’s see where they take us now. Developers, eager to learn more about Project Brillo?

Head over to this official link here in your Web browser: to know more and learn how Project Brillo becomes a baby Android version for the Internet of Things. Stay tuned!

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