Google Drive Expands OCR Capabilities, Now Lets You Edit Scanned Docs In 200+ Languages

What is OCR? It’s an Optical Character Recognition aims to turn pictures of text into computer text that can be indexed, searched, and edited, which Google has long had it integrated into its Google Drive to convert an image to text document. OCR, by means is an amazing technology, and features in Google Drive allows scanned paper documents uploaded to Drive to be indexed and edited. Now that, Google has evidently expanded the feature to more than 200 languages and 25 writing styles. More details on Google Drive OCR technology can be grabbed right after this full-fledged fold.

For PDFs, OCR on Google Drive make the words searchable, selectable, and whatever else you may want to do with it. Best part of the OCR is it work better than they pretty much make CAPTCHAs pointless. On Google Drive, OCR offered its function in English for over a year now, they are now rolling it out to 200+ different languages.

In Google Drive, doing so is simple – just go to an image or PDF and open it with Google Docs, like you see below. Of coure it works on the Android app though, where you can eventually use the camera to scan in documents, too. You will see a modified version of the document where you see the image and the transcribed text below it. Google however has done its best in preserving the formats like bold and italic, but there this is where you are most likely to see mistakes. The new language capabilities change nothing on the user base, but it automatically detects the language, even when working for non-latin character systems.

Once you scan a document and upload it to Drive, you just need to right-click on it and select ‘Open with’ -> ‘Google Docs’. Drive will automatically detect it when uploading a document with the original image/ PDF followed by the extracted text, and users don’t even need to specify which language the document. You can also access the OCR feature both on Google Drive Web interface, and and through the Google Drive API.

Currently, the OCR works best on cleanly scanned, high-resolution documents in the most commonly used typefaces. We are working to improve performance on poor quality scans and challenging text layouts,” adds blog.

The OCR capability in Drive is also available in the Google Drive App for Android.

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