Google Inbox v1.3 Update Brings Customizable Notification Sounds, Tweaks, Launcher App And More [Download APK]

With minor visual alteration, Google has updated Inbox app with some other UI tweaks. But the latest upgrade comes a week after Inbox invite program goes live on Google Apps Work. The Google Inbox version 1.3 upcoming, user will notice as slight aesthetic changes like the customized touch given to the icons for the inbox, snooze, and done categories, as well as the reminders and settings icons which will slightly look bigger than previous.


The newer addition of the Inbox, the main slide out panel holds those options for Inbox now covers the display from the top to bottom edge, so as long as you’re on a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop, compared to the current look where the slide out panel only reaches to the status bar.

The new look that brought with the version 1.3 of Inbox is evident of the Material Design guidelines and more to look under the hood as well. Like this, there will be a new option coming in later update that allow users to set pre-configured snooze settings when speaked about the function changes. For instance, if you wanna snooze a larger amount of notifications and reminders, they’ll be able to do so by selecting from the pre-configured ist of options.

Such features are also available in some custom ROMs like AOSP, where the action bar will now also be covered by slide-out navigation menu. Inbox now allows users to configure notifications sound and different metods can also be distributed to each and every account that Inbox has been accessing with.


However, Google Inbox with the new update added the capability to change the notification sound for the incoming emails or other alerts that are filtering into Inbox. Now, when you enter settings after receiving the update, the “Play Sound” feature just simply sounds and will allow you (user) to select and set your choice of sound which you prefer for the notification tone when you tap on it.

For that you have to go to Settings > Account > Sound and tap on one you like. That’s it!

Additionally, users will be able to switch between their accounts by just swiping through the left to right. Inbox app is also said to add two new shortcuts, through which one is to open the Compose Message screen, and another allows to create a new Reminder.

Google Inbox was officially launched last year only for Android, later expanded its reach to Android Tablets and iPad. Now with yet another new update to Inbox, brings lot of extra additions to the table.

Update: the new Google Inbox version may soon add Launcher Sortcuts and new snooze presets alongside configurable notification sounds and tweaks images and layouts. No waiting for the official over-the-air update, it can be downloadable and installed through the APK link provided below.

Download Google Inbox 1.3 APK from here

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