Meet Android Experiments: Google Launches New Site To Show Open Source Apps For Android And Wear

Directly coming to the poiunt and that is Google demonstrates its new Android Experiments to showcase projects built through its mobile-linked platform and encourage developers to get creative ideas with this technology. Details can be found right after this jump.


The Mountain View already has Chrome Experiments that shows up an user or developer what’s p[ossible in its web browser, so now with it to say, there should be an equivalant for Android, doesn’t it? The search giant did that by launching Android Experiments galley that demonstrates what Google-powered mobile and of course the wearable devices can do.

The major thought behind Android Experiments is to showcase apps that use and cutting-edge technology, aesthetics and interfaces. All of the apps in the Experiments Gallay will be open source like Android OS, so the developers can see how they were made. Digging? In many cases, the 20 inaugural experiments take direct advantage of sensors and remote connections and that range from innovative watch faces for Android Wear to the IOIO Plotter, an Android tablet-powered “easel-mounted wall-style plotter” which can draw on flip charts.


The Tilt uses motion sensors to recreate the classic put-the-ball-in-the-hole game, while IOIO Plotter draws flip charts through an Android-controlled board. However, Google says the current batch of apps was built using tools like the Android SDK and NDK, Android Wear, the IOIO board, Cinder, Processing, OpenFrameworks and Unity.

Each project challenges in small and big ways how we think of the devices we interact with every day.”

On Android Wear, the Time Mesh watch face twists and bends based on your movement and the hope is that app makers will use these experiments as springboards for their own desired projects. Developers who want to have their apps included on the site can now submit them. If you notice that Android apps are markedly more creative in the near future, you’ll know who to thank.

Android Experiments: Although, the fact that all of the apps will be open source will allow other developers to learn from these experiments and quite a few open-source and virtually all developers use some opensource framework in building their applications.

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