Google Releases Ultimately New ‘Meter’ Live Wallpaper For Android Devices [Download]

Resons beyond Google makes us why we are so fond of it or almost scared of it though at the same time. Sometimes we like Google does amazing things that no other company could do for whatever reason. Self-driving cars are a good example of that, as is Google Fiber and Google Glass initiatives etc.


This time around, Google Creative Lab has introduced something that while not quite as flashy as self-driving automobile, is something you can at least take advantage of today. Called Meter, the release is a live wallpaper for Anmdroid devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store right now, ready to play with. It’s free, obviously.

Now that the notion of live wallpapers isn’t exactly new to Android, Meter is a little different. Once downloaded, the background will display a series of geometric shapes that give users an idea of what the battery level is, how strong their cellular connection is of how many notifications they have. On those who want something a little differing will want to ckeck Meter out because it’s surprisingly awesome when you see it actually running.


Essentially the live wallpapers can have detrimental affect on battery life, we-re of the opinion that this particular one offers enough functionality to make a small reduction in battery life well worth it. The whole Meter project is a part of the Google Experiments project and such is likely to disappear at some point with little to no warning at all. It’s time to get Meter downloaded, entirely while you still can.

Meter, a live wallpaper from Google, hides basic system information in plain sight., which can show Wi-Fi signal strength, and floating bars on its right display a notification count, wheraes the circles in the center represent battery life and on so try it for yourself.


Check out the video of Meter live wallpaper in action below:

(Download: MeterĀ for Android on Google Play Store)

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