Google’s Android M Developer Preview Up For Sony Xperia Devices For Testing Purposes And Build ROMs

What would be the hightlight announcement at Google I/O 2015 keynote? Yes, it’s the Android M mobile operating system offered for developers to test it on their devices, such as Nexus and also planned to roll out Android M Developer Preview for other compatible smartphones from manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony to say some. While the Android 5,0 Lollipop has of course some boasting features though, like the permission engine, for instance. Now that its said Android M rolling for Xperia devices, makes sense that the final version of the build will soon be available for download.

Owning a Nexus device is undoubtedly invaluable to a lot of projects, which allows for code to be tested as early as possible. Android M AOSP builds have already been made available for most of the Google’s Nexus devices, but today, rather surprisingly the Sony’s Xperia devices are able to receive it, and the Japanese firm has enabled its developers to test drive Android M on some of its Xperia segment, as part of the One Device program.

In order to achieve it, Sony has put out the necessary binaries to compile a working ROM for quite a few of its handsets and tablets. Continues with a comprehensive guide through the process as well. Notably, Sony says that “it’s only for development purposes,” which it definitely means it. Not only do you have to compile your own ROM, but also it has a lot of missing parts, most importantly the camera and dodem, which are not implemented as yet.

makes it a point that this could be the end product altogether but pointless for daily use and thus its; indeed meant for testing and debugging only. It however worth mentioning that such code releases have usually lead to some issues work from the modding coommunity, so it won’t be really surprise us if crude, working ROMs start popping up for several Sony devices soon.

Interested in building custom ROMs using Android M developer preview, then you are free to do your own work with the copy of Android M – supports models:

Xperia™ Z3, Xperia™ Z3 Compact, Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact, Xperia™ Z2, Xperia™ Z2 Tablet, Xperia™ Z1, Xperia™ Z1 Compact, Xperia™ Z Ultra, Xperia™ E3, Xperia™ M2, Xperia™ T2 Ultra, and Xperia™ T3

The tools, binaries and guide are all available at the source link here. Good luck!

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