Android Wear Smartwatch From Huawei Appears Before MWC Unveil

Huawei’s smartwatch already confirmed for Mobile World Congress announcement as it’s the first Android Wear wrist wearable introduced at March 1st keynote in Barcelona. From the past few weeks the company have been teasing the smartwatch on its social network channels, and in the promotional aspect today, firsr image of the wearable spotted at the Airport in Barcelona. Called Huawei Watch like Apple Watch and looks exactly like an analog wrist watch when talked about its design.


It’s a poster with the Huawei Android Wear based smartwatch aka “Huawei Watch” printed on it in Silver with matching metal strap, a gold with Brown leather strap and a black with a black leather or silicon strap. Apparently holding a 22mm standard wide band that can be replaced with any strap either metal one or with a leather strapping.

Huawei‘s MWC 2015 conference is scheduled on March 1st which is the next upcoming Sunday, starts at 13:30 CET (6:00PM IST). We will be covering the unveil event of Huawei’s smartwatch and other gadgets live with hands-on videos as well. Stay tuned!


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