Huawei-made Nexus Phone Allegedly Confirmed By An Employee, Alongside LG Nexus?

Although it was said that Huawei and Google to be working “closely” on the next Nexus device for 2015’s flagship and already heard that the Chinese manufacturer will be exclusive in producing this year’s Nexus smartphone, but just yeterday it was tipped that LG will be the actual firm to be preparing the next Nexus device. All the reports are speculated and if you have with you grain of salt nearby, then you have it with this new one.

Now that a publication claims to have received confirmation that this is indeed happening from an unnamed Huawei employee in the UK. Said, the next Nexus from Huawei should become available by the end of the year. Not many details have been outed.

Currently the Huawei Nexus phone is confirmed and the Chinese company is pretty much working with Google team to bring it to live. Google have previously worked by corraborating with HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola to build its Nexus smartphones which act as the reference devices for the latest iteration of Android.

Huawei on the other hand has mnore name recognition in developed markets, where simply the assosiation with Google in such a project could help it boost its profile. Does it once, then Huawei won’t be able to sell its Nexus smatphone in its home market, because most Google services are banned in China.

Nevertheless, with the aforementioned anonymous source was confident that Huawei wuld be able to get rid of that situation, rather an identical hardware will be released in China with tweaked software. Android M was introduced at Google’s I/O conference and public availability is set later this year, where it is apparent the Huawei-built Nexus phone will also be launched.

Here it looks like Google is pretty much interested in debuting two new Nexus smartphone this yeay. Reports suggest that is also partnering LG on a second new Nexus device as well, would make it the first time the company has worked on two such devices at once.

However, Huawei officials did not confirmed this information on record, while Google declined to comment on this as well. Previously leaks talked about the Huawei Nexu features a 5.7-inch Quad-HD touchscreen and Snapdragon S810 chipset from Qualcomm. Non of these were officially notified or it’s unclear whether it will share any design elements with the Huawei P8 is unknown at the moment.

But a Huawei spokesperson said the company is “unable to confirm whether it will be working with Google on the upcoming Nexus phone. Huawei are committed to creating innovative and exciting devices and will continue to work towards its vision of producing high quality and affordable products.”

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