Marshmallow Tops 10 Percent Adoption Ahead Of Android N Official Roll Out

But the Android 6.0 Marshmallow still lags behind Jelly Bean, which is really an outdated operating system, dwarfed by four-year-old firmware – that counts 18.9-percent, KitKat adoption of 31.6 percent, and Lollipop (35.4 percent). So, approximately 10 percent of Android devices are running the latest publicly available version of the Google’s mobile OS, Marshmallow.

Android N does not yet have an official name, though. Nevertheless, made available to download Developer Preview for testers. Whatever it’s called, Android N may finally break the fragmentation mold, which the company is reportedly preparing a ranking system that will order manufacturers based on how quickly they roll out OS updates, effectively shaming carriers into releasing more significant updates.

As per this month’s developer stats, Marshmallow grew from 7.5% last month to 10% today, but still lags behind the older and previous versions of Android mobile OS. Android Marshmallow has only now broken through the adoption barrier and is now running on more than 10 percent of Android devices. This milestone comes eight months after Google released Marshmallow, with growth in recent months spurred by most new devices shipping with the version of Android.

Although Marshmallow was the fastest-growing version of Android in terms of adoption, increasing 2.6% points since May, and its share has more than doubled since April when it was on just 4.6-percent of devices. However, there’s still fewer Marshmallow devices connecting to Google Play currently than devices running the four generations old Jelly Bean, which radically has an share of 18.9%.

Alternatively, by contrast – Apple’s iOS 9 released 10 months ago, is now on 84 percent of all iPhones and iPads. This time around, Google is scheduled to release Android N to the public. Rolled out early access to Android N for developers in March, followed by the second iteration in April, which fixed a number of bugs, and added launcher shortcuts, API changes, and Emoji Unicode 9. About the upcoming OS, Google at I/O last month, including virtual reality support, better graphics, and enhanced security as well.

What makes sense here is that of now, Android Marshmallow cracks 10 percent adoption.

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