Meet Swiftkey Hexy Launcher For Android, Transforms Your Home Screen Into A Grid [Download Now]

The Swiftkey’s Greenhouse arm has launched a new home screen replacement app for Android. Hexy Launcher is the newest application, aims to make your device’s unique home screen much easier to navigate and turns your apps into a hexogonal grid. Download links of the said new Android Hexy launcher can be found right after this jump.

First and foremost, you have to know that Swiftkey has launched its own experimental software hub few weeks ago, called Greenhouse, where the company could introduce new, innovative applications that may or not make it to the mainstream. Clarity Keyboard was the first app released from the software incubator, which was to be expected coming from a keyboard company. Hexy launcher is yet another roll out, doesn’t actually have anything to do with the keyboard. But nevertheless, ransforms your Android home screen and installed applications in a canvas of hexagonal tiles, which apparently learns from which app you open throughout the day. Details are many to describe, which you can try it by yourself right now.


The Hexy launcher installation makes automatic and predective, and you can even learn how to use apps to launch the app, which you’re most likely wanted to use next. You can easily filter your apps by using the designated search bar at the top of the screen. Features a widget page, which is accessible by just clicking the floating action button on the bottom right of the device’s screen.

Android app drawer come in all shapes and sizes, however sticks to the same agenda, while downloading and installing Hexy launcher on your device, you’ll get a homescreen with apps, folders, and widgets. This new Swiftkey release is an experimental third-party launcher app that takes the action to put your applications all over your homescreen. In a similar fashion, you have found in the Apple Watch either.

Interested ones can head over to this link, where Swiftkey urges you to send a feedback once you try it out, no matter if you have any apps gripes or not. Beta version however brings bugs, minor ones and could be something odd. Get yourself ready to try this out and get it right from the link provided below.

Hexy Launcher Features

* All your apps arranged in a hexagonal grid.
* A central hexagon that contains your apps Hexy learns are most relevant to you.
* Quickly filter the apps in your grid using the search bar.
* Add widgets for your apps and size dynamically.

(Download Hexy Launcher for Android from Google Play for free)

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